130501 WHO Health in the post 2015 development agenda

130501 WHO Health in the post 2015 development agenda
Report by the Secretariat
1. The Millennium Development Goals have proven to be a powerful force in maintaining support
for health as a crucial element of development. The simplicity of the framework, readily
understandable objectives, and the focus on quantitative monitoring have proved durably engaging.
Securing the place of health in the next generation of global goals is a priority for WHO.
2. Member States have given clear mandates at the United Nations High-level Plenary Meeting on
the Millennium Development Goals (New York, 20–22 September, 2010) and the United Nations
Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20–22 June, 2012) on how
the process of preparing for the United Nations’ post-2015 development agenda should unfold.
3. The current Goals were conceived as a compact between what developing countries aspired to
achieve and what the developed world needed to do in order to ensure achievement of the Goals.
Future goals are more likely to be framed in terms of global challenges that require shared solutions
involving all societies.
4. The debate on how new goals should be formulated is taking place in very different
circumstances from those that pertained when the current framework was developed. The process
promises to be more consultative than in the past.
5. This report updates the report considered by the Executive Board at its 132nd session in
January 2013.1 It summarizes processes that have been established in response to both mandates (see
paragraph 2), focusing on the several streams of work taking place in the lead up to a final review of
the current Goals at a high-level meeting during the sixty-eighth United Nations General Assembly,
due to be held in September 2013. It also outlines an emerging narrative in relation to health, showing
how health in the post-2015 environment can provide a link between concerns for sustainable
development and poverty reduction – meeting the needs of people and the planet.