130430 Challenges Faced by Malaysians with disabilities in employment

130430 Challenges Faced by Malaysians with Disabilities in the World of Employment

Purpose: This paper aims to explore and understand the challenges that are encountered by Malaysians with disabilities in the world of employment.

A survey was undertaken in four Northern Malaysian states (Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak) to obtain the primary data. Two sets of questionnaires were formulated. The first questionnaire was addressed towards Malaysian people with disabilities, while the second one was for the employers. Descriptive statistics were used to explore, summarise and describe the data collected.

This paper argues that integrating people with disabilities into the mainstream workforce should be the way forward, given that they are a pool of untapped human resources. Crucially, this study also highlights some of the key challenges faced by Malaysian people with disabilities, such as discrimination and exploitation at work.

This paper concludes that equal employment and training opportunities should be extended to Malaysian people with disabilities, in an effort to integrate them into the mainstream workforce. The existing Disability Act 2008 should be revised to address the challenges and issues highlighted in this paper.

Key words:
employment, people with disabilities, markets, discrimination, Malaysia.