130221 Practitioners' Handbook for Capacity Development: A Cross Cultural Approach

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Editors note: Great new resource developed by one of the core members of ADDC and ADDC’s representative on AusAID Disability- inclusive Reference Group, Deborah Rhodes , together with Ernie Antoine.

New Capacity Development Book for Practitioners

Cross cultural capacity development

Culturally informed practices and effective cross-cultural relationships are essential for success when working with people and organisations on international capacity development activities.

We are very excited to announce the publication of our first book Practitioners' Handbook for Capacity Development: A Cross Cultural Approach. (Deborah's second book, focused on capacity development in the Pacific, is nearly done!)

We have taught a 2-day course called Capacity Development Across Cultures (CDAC) for the last 8 years: the Handbook is based on this course. Over 500 aid workers, staff from donor agencies and others have attended CDAC. We continue to deliver customised and public programs in Australia and internationally.

Practitioners' Handbook for Capacity Development: A Cross Cultural Approach
explores an innovative approach to capacity development in the context of international aid. The book re-defines capacity development as a cross cultural interaction. It provides conceptual frameworks and practical approaches. Practitioners and their partners are encouraged to build mutual understanding about the connection between cultural values, capacity and change. This departure from previous functional approaches to CD will increase chances of success and sustainability in developing country contexts.
Those involved in development work with people from other cultures, such as aid program managers and implementers, advisers, project staff, researchers and volunteers will find this book useful.

You can purchase the book online and we will post it to you

We hope that our book will make a useful contribution to evolving understanding about development practice.

Warm regards Ernie and Deborah