121130 Inequalities relating to health and the life course Disability mental illness and older age

Inequalities relating to health and the life course: Disability mental illness and older age

The Heart of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Future We Want for All
Global Thematic Consultation

Emma Samman and Laura Rodriguez-Takeuchi

This note is prepared on behalf of and in conjunction with the following organizations: ADD International, Alzeimer’s Disease International (ADI), Basic Needs, HelpAge International and Sightsavers.

Inequality takes many forms. Often considered are those relating to gender, race and ethnicity, class, and place of residence. Early childhood features prominently in the current MDG framework (as do malnutrition, HIV status and malaria). But inequalities associated with later stages of the life course and other health conditions are notable by their absence – among these, older age, disability and mental illness. This paper concentrates on the need to include these three sources of inequality in a post-2015 framework agreement. Not only are they are global in scale with salient effects on large numbers of people but they are alsoclosely associated with vulnerability and a lack of fulfilment of human rights.