121026 The Future is Now Eliminating inequalities in sanitation water and hygiene

There is a need to redefine progress in the context of development and explicitly include equality, non-discrimination and equity at its foundations. In the 21st century, progress must no longer continue to mask inequalities and discrimination. The future development agenda must include measures to determine how progress is distributed and who is excluded. It must create incentives to eliminate inequalities and focus on the most disadvantaged. Now is the time to act.

Through collaborating with human rights experts, sector professionals, and data specialists, the Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation has developed proposals for the future development framework that meet human rights standards and principles, are relevant to the water, sanitation and hygiene sector, and are feasible from the perspective of data collection. Current limitations in measurements should not deter the international community from committing to a robust set of targets. The boundaries of what is currently perceived as measurable must be pushed to shed light on persistent inequalities. Most importantly, the future framework must not stop at monitoring income disparities and general notions of inequity, but must seek to detect different types of discrimination in order to examine and address their root causes.