120921 From the Ground Up: Women's role in local peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sierra Leone

From the Ground Up: Women's Role in Local Peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sierra Leone

Author:  Ivan Cardona, Patricia Justino, Becky Mitchell, Catherine Müller

Publication Date- September 21, 2012


"For generations, women have served as peace educators, both in their families and in their societies. They have proved instrumental in building bridges rather than walls." - Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

This study addresses roles of women in local peacebuilding in five countries - Afghanistan, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sierra Leone - and examines how women, supported by women’s rights organisations, are building peace in their communities. It uncovered commonalities across the countries which provide guidance on how women’s rights and their peacebuilding efforts can be supported in conflict-affected communities. This research from the Institute of Development Studies was initiated and funded by ActionAid’s International Emergencies and Crises Team and Womankind Worldwide.