120412 Comprehensive School Safety Framework

Comprehensive School Safety Framework

The past decade has brought children’s advocates together:
• To promote disaster risk reduction1 throughout the education sector along with education for sustainable development and
• To assure universal access to quality education.

At the core of these child-centered, and evidence-based efforts are the recognition of children’s rights to survival and protection as well as to education and participation.
The purpose of this framework for Comprehensive School Safety is to bring these efforts into a clear and unified focus in order for education sector partners to work more effectively, as well as to link with similar efforts in all other sectors.

The Goals of Comprehensive School Safety
The goals of comprehensive school safety are:
• To protect children and education workers from death and injury in schools
• To plan for educational continuity in the face of expected hazards
• To safeguard education sector investments
• To strengthen a disaster resilient citizenry through education

The Three Pillars of Comprehensive School Safety

1. Safe School Facilities
2. School Disaster Management
3. Risk Reduction Education