110901 Roadmap to stigma reduction ILEP

110901 A roadmap to stigma reduction: an empowerment intervention

This Guide is part of a series of four Guides to reduce stigma. The Guides are for all managers, health and social workers and service staff who have to deal with stigma in leprosy and other health conditions. These Guides provide evidence-based and best-practice information from diff erent disciplines, and recommendations for field workers on how to reduce stigma against and among affected persons and in the community.

This third Guide provides recommendations on how to develop an approach for reducing stigma. Through the use of a roadmap, several steps are discussed for reducing stigma related to a particular health condition. The first Guide provides basic information on stigma, its causes, manifestations, and effects. The second Guide describes when and how to assess stigma using qualitative and quantitative methods and instruments. It also explains how to use the instruments. The fourth Guide explains the use of counselling at a basic level
in dealing with stigma. It provides an explanation of different techniques and approaches for counselling persons affected by stigma.