080930 HIV AIDS and Disability ICAD

HIV/AIDS and Disability Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development

There is a growing movement to address the need for increased collaboration in programming between
those who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities (PWDs) and those involved in HIV education, prevention, care and treatment.
Organizations dedicated to advocating for the rights of PWDs are beginning to develop and implement
programming to effectively educate PWDs on HIV treatment and prevention techniques. Many of these
individuals have been excluded from conventional HIV programming, despite having similar or increased rates of exposure to HIV risk factors.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of HIV and AIDS programmes lack the training, resources and the
commitment necessary to accommodate the needs of PWDs. However, numerous studies are being
conducted to examine this gap, and explain what measures must be taken to provide the necessary
accommodations. While many organizations advocating for the rights of PWDs are actively implementing HIV programming in their curriculum, there is an urgent need for existing HIV organizations to follow suit and modify their programming to better integrate the needs of people living with disabilities.