050604 Supporting Children with Disabilities

050604 Supporting Children with Disabilities: A Parent & Family Information Kit

When a child with a disability is born or a child acquires a disability in early childhood, many families feel they are faced with questions for which they do not have answers. Why was my child born with this disability? Why did this happen to my child? How should I treat them? What special exercises should I do? How should I cope with other people's reactions? Will my child be able to learn? Will my child be able to go to school? Will my son or daughter be able to get a job? Will they ever marry? There are so many new questions that many parents feel overwhelmed.
This "Parent Information Kit" has been put together to provide basic general information to parents and family members about a range of types of disability. There is general information about each type/category of disability. There are also some "Helpful Hints" which aims to give a few ideas on ways that parents might support their children.

It is very important to understand that each child and each family is unique. Therefore, the information in this kit must be seen as suggestions only. Each parent and family will need to assess what might work or be the most helpful for their child.