041001 Changing Teaching Practices

041001 Changing Teaching Practices: Using curriculum differentiation to respond to students’ diversity


In order to contribute towards this goal, UNESCO has produced a number of resource materials over the years. An important training material has been the UNESCO Teacher Education Resource Pack: Special Needs in the Classroom. It set out the basis for inclusion in classrooms through more effective use of resources, team work and collaborative learning, and curriculum considerations. Changing Teach¬ing Practices, using curriculum differentiation to respond to students’ diversity continues to support this by emphasising strategies that teachers can use with a view of providing meaningful learning experiences for all students in their classes, and bringing to the forefront the importance of getting to know one’s students.
The need for this material has come from teachers working in a range of conditions in classrooms around the world. Many of these teachers recognise that they have to adapt, modify and differentiate their teaching so as to ensure that all students in their classes learn to their potential. However, they have also felt that they lack skills and knowledge as to how this can be done, especially where there are low resources and large class sizes.
Development of this material is based on experiences of teachers and other education professionals from different regions working together. While you read this document, you will notice that all examples come from schools. This is what teach¬ers do. Some of it they might have discovered by themselves. Some of it is a result of various development activities both in countries of the North and South. A lot of it is about good teaching and common sense...