ADDC Governance Framework

ADDC Governance Framework

The ADDC is an Australian based international network of agencies working on and interested in disability in developing countries. Rather than being an implementer of disability programs itself, ADDC is a network which includes a wide range of implementing agencies with extensive background and experience in disability and development. The range of members includes NGO’s, DPO’s, Government, Academic institutions and interested individuals. As such, the ADDC is a key reference group for the disability and development sector; in particular Government and DFAT as they develop, implement, evaluate and monitor their strategy for disability in Australia’s aid program.


ADDC membership is open to individuals and organisations interested in and working on inclusive practices relating to disability in developing countries. This includes a broad range of membership from the not-for-profit, government, academic institutions and individuals representing national and international organisations Members must have a strong commitment to the goals and values of ADDC.

There are 4 categories of membership:

Eligible to vote (with current membership form which needs to be updated every 3 years at least 2 months prior to the election)

  1. Australian resident individual members

  2. Australian organisations with an interest in disability and development

Ineligible to vote and to be nominated to join the Executive Committee

  1. International individual members (i.e. members who are not Australian residents)

  2. International organisations with an interest in disability and development

Those organisations and individuals who wish to subscribe to the newsletter but do not wish to commit to the goals and values of ADDC will be identified as ADDC supporters.

Key Documents

(updated March 2016)
Governance Framework: /documents/ADDC Governance Framework - Update 11 March 2016.docx
ADDC Executive Committee- election process:/documents/ADDC Executive Committee - Election Process (09 03 2016).docx

ADDC Executive Committee member nomination form: /documents/ADDC Executive Committee member nomination form (09.03.2016).docx

ADDC Membership Form: /documents/ADDC Membership Form template (March 2016).docx