ADDC Governance Framework

ADDC Governance Framework

The ADDC is an Australian based international network of agencies working on and interested in disability in developing countries. ADDC is a network which includes a wide range of implementing agencies with extensive background and experience in disability and development. The range of members includes non-government organisations, Disabled People’s Organisations, government, academic institutions and interested individuals. As such, the ADDC is a key reference group for the disability and development sector; in particular for Government and DFAT as they develop, implement, evaluate and monitor their strategy for disability in Australia’s aid program.

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ADDC Governance Framework was revised and approved by the Executive Committee in August 2017.


Key Documents


Governance Framework (Approved 8 August 2017) Word doc   PDF


ADDC Executive Committee Election Note 2017

Executive Committee Nomination Form

Executive Committee nominations are open from 10 to 25 August 2017. ADDC members will vote from the nominees for the new Executive Committee in September 2011.

Nominations for Executive Committee - Nominee Statements

ADDC Australia-based members will be voting for Executive Committee representatives from 7 to 25 September. Results will be announced on our website after this date.


For more information on the 2017 nomination and election process contact ADDC Executive Officer on or 03 8843 4519.